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Frequently Asked Questions

What are I.C.E Points?
I.C.E Points is our loyalty scheme offering our customers the chance to earn I.C.E Points for every £ spent as you use our website. These I.C.E Points can be used as a method of payment to purchase ANY products from our range.

How do I earn I.C.E Points?
Once you have joined our Reward Program every time you purchase via our website you will earn I.C.E Points on your purchase. You will earn one I.C.E Point for every £1 spent. PLEASE NOTE: You MUST remember to login to your I.C.E Points account BEFORE you make your purchase. NO I.C.E Points will be issued if you fail to do this.

How Do I Spend I.C.E Points?
I.C.E Points will be visible on the checkout pages and can be selected as a payment option. It will be possible to pay for all or a part of any purchase using I.C.E Points – this is for Web based orders only.

When can I use my I.C.E Points?
I.C.E Points become active following your completed purchase.

I returned an order, what happens to my I.C.E Points?
I.C.E Points will be deducted from your account when the product is returned to Audio Boffins Ltd. If the payment was made using your I.C.E Points then the I.C.E Points will be refunded.

My order was cancelled, what happens to my I.C.E Points?
If your order is cancelled I.C.E Points cannot be earned on that specific order. You will also be refunded any I.C.E Points that you may have spent on the purchase.

Where can I find how many I.C.E Points I have?
You can view your I.C.E Points balance on the I.C.E Points page that is accessed by signing into your I.C.E Points account.

I.C.E Points are not showing up on my ICE Points summary?
I.C.E Points earned are all shown on your I.C.E Points statement on your I.C.E Points page. If have any queries about the statement please feel free to get in touch by emailing

Where can I spend my I.C.E Points?
I.C.E Points can be spent on all products within the Audio Boffins Ltd website.

How do I sign up for I.C.E Points?
Simply click upon and following the instructions found in the Rewards Program link. This can be found in the bottom right hand corner of any page of the Audio Boffins Ltd website

Can I use I.C.E Points and other payment methods at the same time?

What is an I.C.E Point worth?
The ICE Points are each worth 1p and are can only be redeemed against any product available on

Do I.C.E Points expire?

Do I get I.C.E Points for orders placed by fax or telephone?
Only orders placed via the Audio Boffins Ltd Internet site can earn I.C.E Points as the scheme is controlled via the Internet site and not via the office.

Will I be able to earn more than one point for every £ spent?
Yes keep checking our website to see what products or promotions may qualify you for extra bonus points.