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Enclosures... Which is right for me???

Posted by Gavin Snart on

The type of bass you get from your subwoofer doesn't depend on the woofer alone. You'll need a strong, well-constructed enclosure to obtain optimum subwoofer performance. A subwoofer without an enclosure is unable to deliver the full depth of sound or maximum output, due to the sound from the back of the speaker cancelling out some low frequencies emanating from the front of the speaker. Many people do not realise that a speaker produces noise from both the front and rear of the cone assembly.

Some customers decide to construct there own custom subwoofer enclosure to create a specific size, style or design of enclosure that they desire. However, unless you're a talented craftsman with a solid understanding of enclosure design, volume, port velocity, and other technical terms, you're often better off purchasing a pre-made enclosure.

  • Sealed: Compact and easy to fabricate. Simple, precise, clean sounding. BUT typically never as loud as a ported
  • Ported: Louder than sealed typically, even when using less amplifier power. BUT harder to tune.
  • Bandpass: Louder typically across a specifically tuned range of frequencies (bandwidth); BUT large and complex to fabricate.

PLEASE NOTE: This blog is designed to give a basic understanding to those who are new to the wonderful world of car audio. As time progresses, subjects will become more in-depth. BUT for now please respect that we are trying to educate the greenhorns and newbies of the audio world; NOT teach expert fabricators and competition winners how to suck eggs :)